Reasons Why You Can’t Travel Without Insurance

You may think you’ve packed just right and are ready for your upcoming trip, but alas, you’re not. Rewind and see what you missed out on with all the hype and excitement surrounding the trip.

Unfortunately, many avid and first-time travelers underestimate the value of travel insurance. You’ll see travelers justifying their decision by saying it’s just an additional travel expense that so many of them can easily avoid.

Put simply, if you think you can’t afford travel insurance, you simply aren’t ready to travel. Taking out travel insurance offers a variety of benefits. Let’s examine what travel insurance covers in general.

1. Evacuation and medical emergencies

Even if you consider yourself perfectly fit to travel, adversity can always be part of your journey. As they can be extremely challenging at times, it is best to be prepared for such circumstances. Unfortunately, you could be involved in an accident. Because medical treatment is not always immediately available, you would need to coordinate a medical evacuation. This can often become a nightmare when you are in a foreign country where everything seems strange. You don’t have to worry about that when you take out travel insurance. A typical one will cover emergency evacuation, emergency dental care, and medical expenses.

2. Cancellations

They also often fall into the package despite being uninvited guests. Life can get very unpredictable at times. You may have happily planned your trip in a month. Everything seems to be going well. However, imagine you become miserably ill or a very close relative dies. Since you have no choice but to cancel the trip, it would be a shame to suffer financial losses. Your travel insurance program would cover this and alleviate your misery in the best possible way.

3. Personal Items

In today’s world, the sad truth remains that many of us care more about our personal belongings than our health. Because of this, buying travel insurance can seem very attractive to travelers. With insurance, you don’t have to worry as much the next time your luggage is late or misplaced. Imagine losing your purse on a famous sightseeing tour and losing your insulin and prescription with it. Since you need instant access to it, insurance providers would assist you with your immediate needs.

4. Personal Liability

We all tend to make endless mistakes, especially when we least expect it. In this case, third parties can cause a lot of harm from injury or loss caused by you. If you accidentally cause damage to someone or their property, your travel insurance would help cover that damage on your behalf.

This is often the insurance’s most complicated clause and must be thoroughly understood before agreeing to any such action.

So the next time you think your plans are going great, take some time to imagine a few situations.

What would happen if you were having the time of your life on a beach vacation when suddenly a hurricane hit and you needed to evacuate as soon as possible?

What would you do the next time your wallet and passport get stolen while traveling abroad? Or worse, your airline goes bankrupt. Since the expenses were not reimbursable, where do you get support from?

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